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The voice of fate echoed in the sky:
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this is a really sad story.
The glory returns to Bayern Munich next season, Ismail also leaves the team, what else can Werder Bremen do?
This question is too far away for the fans of Werder Bremen.
It is precisely because of this that we must cherish the present even more.
Anyway, there is no tomorrow, so play today’s game!
On May 14, the 33rd round of the league, Werder Bremen’s 南京夜生活论坛 last home game of the season.
For Rongguang and Ismail, this is also an opportunity to say goodbye to the fans.
They will all be a member of Bayern Munich next season.
But before that, they are still Werder Bremen players, they still have to fight for the honor of Werder Bremen.
Therefore, in this game, Rongguang was very active in the face of a team like Freiburg that is not strong.
He opened the scoring for Werder Bremen in the game.
In the end, Werder Bremen defeated Freiburg 4-1 at home.
But before this game, Bayern Munich had already played the game, they defeated Nuremberg 6:3 at home.
So the two sides are still two points away.
The suspense of the league championship will continue until the final round.
After the game, Werder Bremen specially arranged a farewell ceremony for Rongguang and Ismail.
Werder Bremen Club has given up its efforts to keep the glory, and it is meaningless to keep the players in the situation where the players are unwilling to stay. Alofs’ plan was to let the players put pressure on the Bayern Munich club.
But now that the player himself is unwilling to stay, how can he still expect him to put pressure 南京桑拿论坛 on the club?
Had to give up.
Although it was not successful to stay, everyone got together for two seasons. The glory also contributed a lot to Werder Bremen, so it is better to get together.
Therefore, the cl